The SATIN system is a novel multimodal and multisensory system for the evaluation of virtual shapes of aesthetic products based on haptic interface, co-located stereoscopic visualization and sound.
The SATIN system consists of a haptic strip that actively shapes itself for representing style lines of a virtual product.
A 3D visualization of the shape is super-imposed onto the physical strip by means of a rear-projected stereoscopic display system.
The SATIN system uses position sensors placed on the top of the strip surface as an input to geo reference geometry properties and render them as metaphoric sounds.

    Various versions of the SATIN system have been delivered during the project:

  • SATIN Mock-up has been delivered in Novembre 2007.
  • SATIN first prototype has been delivered in November 2008.
  • SATIN final prototype has been delivered in August 2009.

     SATIN concept

     SATIN system conception

    SATIN Mock-up

     SATIN Mock-up.

    SATIN first Prototype

    SATIN first Prototype.

    SATIN system

    SATIN system.